Thursday, November 20, 2014

Todd Parr Inspired Self Portraits

I just completed a little art project with our Grade 1 students using Adobe Ideas iPad App.

After reading a few Todd Parr books, Ms Krause's class decided they wanted to draw some Todd Parr self portraits. To get the look we wanted we decided that Adobe Ideas, a free drawing app, would be the best bet.

First, we drew the outline using the black pencil tool:

Then we coloured in the parts of the face by holding finger down within each defined area. By holding the finger down it recognizes that you want to fill the area. The area you want to fill must be a closed shape.

Once the face was completely filled, we created shrunk the face down (by pinching) then drew a border around the entire face - Zooming out allowed us to colour a large enough area that we could crop in the next step.


Once the outside border was filled, we used the pinch technique to zoom back in on the face so that it filled the screen nicely. once exported the image would be cropped to the same size you see once zoomed in. Then we exported (shared) the image to the camera roll/photo app.

Here are the finished pieces that this talented Grade 1 class completed! Todd Parr will be proud!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Stop Motion - Time lapse

We've had an meal worm observation station in our learning commons for a couple of months. Now it's time for the those creepy crawlies to change!

This is the set up we used. The crucial part is keeping the iPad steady.
I've always wanted to record this process somehow so we played around with documenting part of the process with a stop motion video using Stop Motion Studio. The problem with meal worms is that they change so randomly and once they start they are fast. We picked up this meal worm a little way into it metamorphosis process. We got enough of the process to see some good changes taking place.

We used a mini tripod and also a iTrek Super Mount from Amazon to connect the iPad Mini to the tripod. 

600 pictures and 4 or 5 hours later we ended up with the following video

or watch on YouTube here -