Friday, February 27, 2015

Green Screen Video

Green Screen is still one of the best resources (if not, THE best!) we have in our school. After a few questions relating to the green screen lately, I have updated my Green Screen tutorial. It now has a Do Ink Green Screen for iPad overview.

 As this is made in Google Slides, I will endeavor to keep it up to date and relevant. I will do this over the coming days and keep it on going. Let me know is it's missing something.

Backing up Book Creator to Google Drive

In our school we share 2 carts of iPads with 600 students. Although we do A LOT of work around digital citizenship and the respect of other people's work, we still have the occasion when work gets deleted. Book Creator app has the ability to upload it's files to Google Drive and then download them again when needed.

When students put a lot of effort into a project, the worst thing to happen is that it gets deleted. This tutorial will hopefully fix that.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

iPad Art: Adobe Ideas

Although Adobe Ideas is no longer supported by Adobe (they updated the app and re-released it as Adobe Draw) we still love this app. Using its layering feature a grade 3 class created images by tracing over a photo then deleting the photo layer afterwards. I created the images below through using this technique.


The last image was also also imported into Keynote to add the text then exported again by taking a screenshot.

iPad Art - Type Drawing

A grade three class I was just working with just completed working on a project about children's rights. As an extension of the project, we created some visuals using Type Drawing App.

Type allows you to mark-up images that were previously saved to the camera roll.

The finished project creates an image that can display text about that image. Here's is an example I created with the students.