Friday, December 14, 2012

Protecting the Resource

One of the biggest concerns when launching iPads and/or iPods must to do with security of the device. Some so small and mobile must be easy for people to just take it away. So far, we haven't had any issue of devices being lost or stolen. The two times we have not been able to find an iPad there was a good explanation in its whereabouts.

We have implemented a few different things in order to keep our devices safe and easily trackable.

First of all, we bought an expensive but durable Otterbox case. Although these cases are expensive (and we did get a discount for buying in bulk - 30 cases), we thought it was a worthwhile investment. The cases fit nicely in our Bretford Power-Sync cart.

The case also come with a cover that acts as a stand for the iPad too. It has three different options for cradling the iPad.

We also thought it necessary to label all of our devices to keep of track of them when storing them in the cart. We used a label maker and added the label, to a visible area on the iPad, before putting the cover on.

I also designed unique wallpapers for each of the classroom ipads and ipads that would be stored in the cart.

I'm wondering how other people have labelled and secured their iPads. Please share you thoughts and ideas.

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