Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Aurasma - Making Images Move

When I first saw Aurasma, I couldn't believe what I saw. Still pictures coming to life and turning into video right on the wall? Impossible!

After watching and reading the Calgary Science School post by Dan McWilliam, I was in awe! I wanted to do it with some students. To tell the truth, I've been struggling find the right place to try it. What I did think about was how we could showcase this app to our students and parents as well as introduce it to our teachers. 

Our students were about to go swimming and at our school, a lot of our students do not have many opportunities to swim. What better way to show this app than to show parents their child[ren] swimming at the pool.

It turned out to be a simple exercise. Using their classroom iPad, teachers got video of each of their students swimming at the pool. Then we took still pictures of each student to use as a trigger image. Once all video and photos were taken and using the app Aurasma, we linked each video to the corresponding photo of the same student. 

The videos were then showcased at parent/teacher interviews. The students took the class iPad and showed their parents their picture on be wall. Once the image on the wall was recognized but the Aurasma app, it magically turned into a video on the student swimming at the pool - awesome! 

Here's what our kindergarten teacher came up with:

Students were so proud when showing their swimming video to the parents. What a great way to show parents something their child does in school, and in this case out of the school building.

What's next with Aurasma? After seeing it's capability, one of our grade 5/6 teachers thought a AR scavenger hunt would be an engaging way to using Aurasma with students. They are in the process of  making it now. Look out for a blog post soon...


  1. This is phenomenal! What a really cool way to utilize the tool. My students and I are going to have so much fun with this! Thank you for posting.

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