Saturday, October 12, 2013

iPad for Video Recording

One of the greatest uses of iPad in the classroom is for recording video. In our school, we have been trialling a green screen. Our students' are loving it!

We have been working on developing a standard workflow when recording and video on our iPads and then editing on a computer. Here's what we have come up with so far...

On the iPad

  1. Record video using iPad
  2. Connect to CBE LAWN network (for our district)
  3. Log into Google Drive App.
  4. Create, or find shared folder that whole class can access. This is a good idea as one person can remained logged in to save time. They can then upload multiple videos.
  5. Upload video to the Google Drive shared folder
  6. Delete video off iPad once uploaded

On the Computer

  1. Log into Computer
  2. Log into Google Drive in Safari
  3. Find the Shared folder
  4. Access the uploaded video files
  5. Download to computer and begin the editing process.
All done without wires!

The nice thing about this workflow is that when one iPad is being used, it can speed up the process without having plug it into a computer after every video has been recorded.

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