Friday, January 10, 2014

iPads for Assessment in Gym

I love seeing our teachers becoming creative and experimenting with different ways to use iPads in the classroom. This week, two of our teachers came up with a creative way to use iPads in Physical Education.

As we all probably know, assessment in Phys. Ed. is sometimes tricky, especially in something like gymnastics. This simple idea these grade 4 teachers had is to have the students film their routine that they were assigned with.

After sufficient practice time, students chose when they were ready to record their routine. The idea would be to record it, then in iMovie record a voice over that explains what they are doing in their routine.


The students loved the performance factor of being recorded on video. It added an added sense of ownership and accountability.


  1. What a terrific way to give an opportunity to present a 'routine' [movement sentence] with the iPad as a tool to cultivate a performance!

  2. Hey Steve,
    It's Angela from Falconridge. How are ya?
    Just wondering how many IPads you would use in a class.