Friday, February 21, 2014

Book Creator - Instructions and Sequencing

Book Creator has been one of my all time favourite apps. It's such an easy app to navigate and use. And students can easily produce really nice looking digital books with audio.

This task was done with Grade 1 students. The students had already created books made on paper and we thought that the we could digitize them using Book Creator.

Here are the steps we took to make the books.

Take Photos of Images & Crop

We took photos using the Camera app then edited the photos, right in Camera Roll, by cropping out the carpet or table tops. This provided a nice clean image to put in the book.

Create a new book Project in Book Creator

When you first create a new book you need to choose layout of book. I usually choose landscape. The square version looks good in iBooks as it works well when iPad is in landscape or portrait mode. Another important thing to do which students often miss out, is saving the name of the book and the Author. This help when exporting the book to another device.

Adding pictures, text, drawing, and sound to the book 

Adding different features of the book is simple. By clicking the add button (the + symbol) you have the option of adding numerous different things. In this project, students added photos from the camera roll, they drew pictures, added text and also recorded sound. 



Once books were edited and ready for exporting, we modelled the process for exporting to iTunes. This would allow the teacher to retrieve the ePub files from each iPad.

To export to iTunes, the user must be back on the app homescreen/spashscreen then by clicking on the export button you will see the different options. Then you click on Send to iTunes.

Another way to share the books is to choose Open in another App, then choose Air Drop. You need to ensure that the iPad that you wish to share with also has has Air Drop running and be connected to the same network. This would be a good idea when you have extra time as students finish their work. You would be able to stagger the exporting as each student finishes their project.

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