Friday, May 3, 2013

Collaborative Research, QRCodes & Google Docs

One way we have experimented in using the new CBE GAFE (Google Apps For Education) Google docs was to create a Google form to collate the collective research efforts of an entire class. This way, we could collaborate to gather a lot of information (about Ancient Greece). 

Students who researched online would just open another tab or separate web page to access the Google form. For those who were using text books and other non-fiction books from our learning commons, we assigned a QR code to the form and students opened the form using a QR reader on the iPad. This allowed then fast access to the Form so they could easily enter their information like everybody else.

Like I have mentioned before, we use the QRafter app for our iPads but there are many free QR readers for iPads and other other mobile devices. A bonus to the app would be the ability to create QR codes too - In my experience, this is usually a paid feature or upgrade.

The form was a simple way to collate information that the students gathered. We used a drop-down choice for the research category so we could easily sort the information afterward. After the information was gathered students then used the collaborated information to create their own project of choice about democracy in Ancient Athens.

Below is the collated information we collected:

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