Friday, May 3, 2013

Finding Text Features and Explaining

Doceri is a screen recording App that allows the user to take pictures and then discuss or explain their understanding of what the picture is about.

In this class we used Doceri to explain our understanding about text features in non-fiction books. Students took pictures of the text feature and then explained what they thought/knew about that particular text feature.

Doceri seems to be a little tricky to use to start with. The navigation of the App is a little tricky to follow. However, once used to it, the App itself is incredibly powerful as it has the ability to post/share on screen using a computer and projector. So far we have only used it on the iPad and then exported it to the Camera Roll to take it off the iPad.

The idea behind this project was to gather a a collection of explanations of different text features and then share them with each other by posting their explanation on their class blog. The posts should soon be created  and posted in which I will link to from this blog post. Here is one example of what these Grade 4 and 5 students made using Doceri.

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