Saturday, May 4, 2013

Real Math, Real Shapes

On Fridays in our Kindergarten class, we have our two classes (AM and PM) join together for the morning. It can be an intense time with 30 kinders all in the same small room.

To help alleviate the pressure on everyone in the room, I help with centre time. I usually try to do something on the iPads but sometimes struggle as we only have centre time for 45 minutes at the most.

This week I tried something that would hopefully take 45 mins at the most.

We wanted the kinders to relate 2 dimensional shapes with real world objects. To do this we used three apps; The camera app, PicCollage App and Doodle Buddy App.

Drawing in Doodle Buddy
First, the students drew a shape in the Doodle Buddy App. We kept this simple to save time. Once finished they exported their drawing to the camera roll.

Taking pictures of Real World Shapes
Students then found an object that matched their chosen shape and took a picture of it.

Putting it all together in Pic Collage
Inserting images and text into PicCollage is an easy process. The students mastered this within a couple of minutes. We used a word list for the shape names each student needed.

Exporting from the PicCollage App
The usual export button (the box with the arrow popping out) is the important button in this app for exporting the Pic Collage to the camera roll. See the images below to see what it should look like. 


The Finished Pieces
Approximately 30 minutes later, this is what the students had produced. AWESOME!


  1. Seriously awesome! A great example of how iPads are all about creation and not's incredible that 5 and 6 year-olds can make something like that in 45 minutes!

    1. Isn't Mike? I work with these things everyday and it still blows me away how amazing the work is that our students care doing. These young kids pick it all up so fast too. It really is amazing!